A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hide among a crowd of AIs!

Detect other players!

But don't get detected yourself!


"Mainstream has gone too far!" - Everybody in the game looks the same and the world is controlled by AIs. A few humans have grouped up in a safe base and now it's their mission to hide among the bots to gain more information.

You are looked up in a room with bots and other applicants.
Your task is to identify the other applicants before they catch you!

Game Concept:

Klexos is a mulitplayer game, where the player plays against his friends via Lan. In doing so he has to hide amongst AIs as good as possible, so that the other players can't detect him before he detected them.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to detect all of the others, but be careful, otherwise you will die for wrongly detecting too many AIs!


  • Ashwin Kanatt
  • Florian König
  • Jannik Hildebrandt
  • Sandra Brettschuh

The game was developed by students in a cooperation of the Technical University of Graz and the University of Westminster in 2018.


Klexos for Windows 24 MB
Klexos for MacOS 27 MB

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